Our charitable contributions

In addition to our many charity-related projects, we donate to numerous charities on behalf of research participants, industry collaborators, and internal staff.
1,000,000 Total Donations
150 Charities Helped
150,000 People Served
50 Additional Donors

Giving back

suAzio Consulting actively contributes to better health care outcomes around the world through its partnerships with local community organizations.

For more than ten years, we have been actively engaged in bringing medical and educational aid to the local community in Guayaquil, Ecuador, which has suffered from recent socio-political crises.

In 2010, we formed a partnership with a local community organization to provide needed medical supplies and equipment to the existing gynecologic and obstetrics hospital.

In this recent decade, we made a significant contribution toward the complete construction of a new primary care hospital, which now provides basis primary care services to a community who previously had extremely limited access to health care. Tens of thousands of patients have been treated so far.

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