Most of suAzio partners and consultants hold master's degrees, and all possess significant industry experience, and a wealth of knowledge in many categories within the life science industry.

Image of Christophe Van Der Linden

Founder and CEO

“suAzio is dynamic, global, open-minded, honest, innovative, friendly, and passionate. We help companies worldwide to grow their businesses, launch products and services, and meet their goals”.

Image of Lieve Heylen

Co-founder and Senior Business Consultant

“New projects, new customers, new applications: each one is different and holds unique challenges. The impact of what we do is very tangible for our clients.”

Image of Hugo Verpeet

Partner and Senior Business Consultant

“We provide advice to companies as it was our company. We understand their business, provide quality data and consulting. suAzio consulting provides close collaboration with the client, truly becoming part of their team.”

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