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We at suAzio rely on the voices of dedicated professionals around the globe. suAzio commits itself to the highest standard of professional guidelines for ethical behavior. We believe in the following core values.

Honesty: We are forthright in our communications and actions with all stakeholders – from clients to study participants.

Compliance: We comply to applicable laws around the globe and continually update our practices as areas around the globe continue to evolve.

Respect: We listen and value your insight and will make every effort to provide our clients with the information needed to make improvements to better their – and your – future.

Accountability: We will strive to serve the needs of our clients and provide honest and accurate conclusions, insight, and recommendations.

What to Expect

Each study seeks to identify the key professionals best suited to answer many of the industry’s burning questions.

Getting Started: Reaching Out to You
We begin by inquiring about your availability. We understand your busy schedule and are flexible in providing our global respondents with flexibility in scheduling.

Screening Process: Are You the Right Fit?
Each study has a series of screening questions to make sure you fit the parameters of the study. Some questions may be easy (your role, type of facility), whereas others may require a bit of thought (device or drug specifics, decision making influence). Each study has many respondents from representative audiences.

Before the Interview: What to Know?

  • Some studies may require you to be near a computer or tablet to view material. We will always inform you of how the research will be conducted (face-to-face, focus group, telephone, web survey).
  • We will always inform you of the topic of the study. If you would like to know various subtopics of the study, we will provide you with some detail so you have a better understanding of what kinds of things will be part of the discussion.
  • In “blind” studies, we hide the details of the sponsor of the study from our respondents and the details of our respondents from the sponsor. This helps to ensure more candidness and less restraint in opinion, but also prevents the sponsor from making any direct contact because of any feedback. We provide you with a safe space to give your honest opinions.

During the Interview

  • There are times when you may not have an answer. Let us know, and if you know who else may have an answer, that is helpful.
  • We do not wish to make you answer any question you feel is proprietary. You can always pass on a question.
  • Our discussions are programmed to take a certain amount of time, but some conversations may go beyond the expressed time limit. If the interview is taking longer than expected, we may interject to inform you of this to be most respectful of your time.

After the Interview

  • Payment is handled after the close of the study, after all respondents have participated. We will provide you with specific information to your study to provide you with an estimated delivery window.
  • If you have donated your remuneration to charity, we will notify you of this payment and will provide any “thank you” correspondence in your behalf.

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Make Your Voice Heard

We welcome the opportunity to hear from more of the industry’s leading professionals like you. Join our global family of industry leaders and respected peers to be included in future research studies. Complete the form below and become a part of our research efforts. Every day we have the pleasure of gaining valuable insight from professionals like you around the world.

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