Hi. We are SUAZIO!

The story behind SUAZIO

We’re a market research and consultancy company dedicated to life sciences markets. Since our foundation in 2000, we have been providing crucial marketing information and advice to businesses in life sciences and health care markets.

Our goal? Shaping the future of healthcare by means of providing useful data and much valued insights – and deploying this information to deliver strategic guidance to global medtech, healthtech, pharma, in-vitro-diagnostics and biotech firms.

We are convinced that all we have to offer is essential for successful product launches as well as post-launch tracking. 


The name ‘SUAZIO’ is inspired by the Latin substantive ‘suasio’, which means advice or recommendation. And that’s where we excel! 

SUAZIO was born on Christmas Day in 2000, by the desire to offer high quality services, grow a dynamic team, complete challenging projects in an interesting environment and – above all – have fun doing all of the above.

SUAZIO around the world
The future of healthcare is a global given. That’s why we are active in over 170 countries, with headquarters in Antwerp (BE), Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh (USA), Paris (FR), Zagreb (Croatia) and Bangalore (India).
SUAZIO is driven by 40+ experts with their own talents – and motivated by the needs of our 125+ customers. Together we already have over a thousand projects completed. And we’re still counting… 

How do we work?

We collect data via the SUAZIO insight methodology 

The core strength of SUAZIO definitely lies within the integrated processes we use to translate the clients’ objectives into a substantiated insight methodology and questionnaire. Through our big database of references and large amount of in-house intellectual property, we can guarantee that our clients will get the objective data they need to market their product successfully. 

Our experienced researchers question the right people

That data is collected by our in-house medical research and consultancy center: another unique strength SUAZIO offers. Our experienced researchers have their own qualitative database, as well as the knowledge considering how to approach and question the right people for any project.

We analyse the data and provide you with clear recommendations

Next to providing and working the questionnaire, we also analyse the collected data into excruciating detail. We present those results in an insightful and clear manner to the client. And this is where the consultancy part kicks in: we formulate our recommendations based on the data collected and our experience. This way, we support our client in understanding the stakeholder and payer audience – all in order to gain the required market access. 

Our USP's

There are plenty of reasons to choose for SUAZIO. Our founders, for starters, have got plenty of experience in the sector – which has led to the founding of SUAZIO. Next to our buckets of experience, we’re also known and renowned for following USP’s.
  • Global exposure
  • Broad experience in market research for med-tech/IVD
  • Reputation for high quality deliverables
  • Lean and agile approach
  • Well established relationships with major clients

Want to know more about how we implement these USP's
in each and every single one of our cases?

Make sure to contact us: we’re happy to tell you everything you want to know.


As you might already suspect, it’s our mission to (re)shape the future of healthcare. And that’s something that needs to be done on a global scale. That’s why SUAZIO is active globally. Our studies cover global life science markets in the USA, Europe and even Asia. Not so surprising, then, to learn that we are active in over 170 countries, with headquarters in Antwerp (BE), Philadelphia (USA), Paris (FR), Bogota (Columbia)

By founding SUAZIO offices all over the world, we’re confident that we’re covering the right locations and can be reached when- and wherever we are needed. 

Curious about how we can help you?