People behind Suazio

Management & Business Consultants

Christophe Van der Linden


My favourite part of the job is hearing from clients what a great job the team does and I am by far the best singer of the team.

Sabine Bisschop

Accounting Manager

In my job I like to do 100 different things per day, and organizing everything the team needs. I’m very good at keeping an overview of everything, and trying to make life really nice for everyone.

Wim Vanlancker

Director of Operations

My favorite part of the job is to help to get the best out of the people. I have 30 years of sales and marketing experience in Pharma with major interest in Oncology and Infectiology.

Fascinated by the development of new technologies in healthcare.

Hugo Verpeet

Senior Business Consultant & Partner

I like bringing my many years of extensive international experience in the life science industry to the team. I have held key positions in general management, business development, and marketing in startups, early-stage development, and large company environments, which gives me a unique perspective to understand all of our clients’ needs.

Jasper van de Sande

Senior Business Consultant & Partner

I like to engage and collaborate with clients to get the most valuable and actionable insights.

I bring years of experience in market insight roles with large multinationals (Medtronic/JNJ), so I have a good perspective on client needs.

Victoria Barnosky

Clinical Outcomes Consultant

I really like generating and interpreting real-world outcomes evidence for our customers. I’m a huge radiology nerd and always eager to share.

If anyone is interested in using electron energy, sound waves, or magnetic fields to diagnose or treat medical conditions, let’s have a chat!

Kira Behrens

Business Consultant
I have 25 years of experience in global marketing, product management, and entrepreneurship/innovation roles within medical device, pharmacy, IT, telecommunications, and training companies. I also own an organic produce farm and event business in Grafton, Wisconsin.

Project management

Fred Shelley

Project Director

I like that each research initiative is like a puzzle to be solved. I find myself intrigued by that aspect of the work and really enjoy finding answers.

I come from a journalism background, so storytelling comes naturally to me in both the personal and professional parts of my life. Storytelling is critical in delivering feedback to clients to make data more tangible to them as well as increase understanding and retention.

Diana Ortega

Project & Key Account Manager

I love to learn every day from both my colleagues and clients. Discovering upcoming MedTech innovations and being able to work for key players in the market keeps me very motivated.

I think work very well under pressure and have strong communication skills. Also, I’m probably the biggest history geek in the team.

Patrycja Fistkowska

Project & Key Account Manager

I enjoy seeing the outcomes of our studies being utilized and making an impact on customer’s business.

Second favorite would be working with amazing and talented people at SUAZIO. In my projects I am able to think outside the box.

Mansi Singh

Project Manager
I love seeing the data and finding interesting insights to help our clients see the power of data and story behind it. I also love motivating and encouraging teams to achieve the objectives in a best possible way.

I've been a part of value propositions and marketing teams, so my background can be useful in blending the two together for understanding what is the research objective from business prospective.

Rémy Blain-Descormiers

Project Manager

My favorite part of working at Suazio is being in an international and highly skilled team full of great people.

I am the official DJ of the company and a master at French Crêpes. I also have certain expertise in French Healthcare Market and Patient Studies (but mostly the crêpes).

Wout Schenkels

Project Manager

I take pleasure in presenting customer insights in the most impactful way and from my experience as both a business analyst and a project manager.

I love being a translator of abstract data into meaningful results.

Drazen Jese

Project Manager

My favorite part is analyzing and interpreting data to make data-based strategic recommendations.

I have 10-year experience from pharma & MedTech strategy, sales, and marketing. I also am a glider pilot and soon a private license certified aircraft pilot

Rebecca White

Project Manager

My favorite part of the job is the variability. I like learning and working on new things as well as getting experience on different types of projects. It's really motivating, because you are not always doing the same thing.

I am a good teacher; I can effectively explain and teach the content of certain projects and processes in SUAZIO. I engage well with people and try to help them understand things in a clear way.

Irra Malik

Field Operations Manager

I love sharing knowledge, see the team grow and develop, so my favorite part of the job is training. I have a positive outlook and I’m good at motivating others. I’ve also been told that I’m extremely patient.

I was also a Scrabble champion at some point during my university years

Katie Griffin

Project Manager
One of my favorite things about my job is client collaboration, I enjoy looking for creative ways to solve obstacles and deliver excellent results. Another favorite is working in a multicultural team, where everyone is as passionate as me about their job.

I’m crazy about the color pink, even my mouse and keyboard are pink. I’m also probably the biggest Disney fan in the team.

Business Analysts

Wim De Kimpe

Head of Analytics

I love planning and everything around the organizational aspect of our work, specifically for data analysis. I have a strong eye for detail and quality control.

Sven Schlonsak

Senior Business Analyst

My favourite part of the job is the daily challenge of translating ever changing complex questions into a custom, easy user interface.
I am what you could call an Excel Emperor, Survey Sensei a Conjoint Champ and a Dashboard Don.

Bart Vermeiren

Data & Business Analyst

As an analyst we are always the first to study the data and discover new insights in the business of our clients. I shine at managing a broad scope of analysis and programming/ data scraping techniques.

Always looking for the latest techniques and I’m Innovation driven. And I can grill one hell of a steak on a BBQ.

Demir Husejnovic

Data & Business Analyst
I enjoy being a bridge between raw insight coming from each individual respondent and conclusive insight based on a pool of participants. I’m very interested to know how my colleagues operate and what challenges they face in order to form a more complete picture of the whole research process which in turn allows me a deeper understanding of my own objectives. Also, I can probably throw a 20kg rock behind my back further than anyone else in Suazio.

Ezekiel French

Data & Business Analyst

My favorite part of this job is getting to see an abundance of data transition from raw information to being ordered and interpretable. I am a creative individual who thrives under pressure and seizes moments of learning with both hands.

I bring the thunder from down under to my team and relish in the multicultural environment that Suazio supports.

Ronan Cockx

Data & Business Analyst

Favorite part of the job is getting insights out of large data sets connecting the dots and beginning to see the overall picture of fieldwork.

Also quite good in remembering random facts that come in handy sometimes.

Andrea Perciaccante

Data & Business Analyst
I really enjoy SUAZIO’s culture, people, collaboration, and support. We have each other’s back! As data analyst I am able to make sense out of raw and unstructured data. I guess I love to see how we are able to transform a mass of raw data into a well-built report and , eventually, a story. I think I always try to know how this data can better answer the business objectives, how we can structure and organize them in a way that can help the end user extract useful insights. I like to study and research literature about different topics around analysis and statistics to always be up-to-date and see what happens in and out the world of market research.

Also, I love eating pizza with mayoinaise which makes me the worst Italian ever.

Research Team

Christina Perera

Call Center Manager
What I love about my job is the collaborative environment we have. We share the same vison as a team and work towards the same goal together. Work has always been about more than a to-do list for me.

I strive to take initiative to help on day-to-day tasks to ensure they get done.

Inara Bayramova

Senior Research Associate & Business Developer

I enjoy talking, learning from and building a relationship with high level medical professionals. I bring quality, and expertise of 13 years in Suazio.

I also manage to balance work life and being a mom of 3.

Henri Melcer

Senior Research Associate

I love interviewing smart Key Opinion Leaders and I’m able to do so in 4 languages.

Andrew Coles

Senior Research Associate

I enjoy the competitive approach to recruitment and achieving targets, plus the actual interviewing of respondents and being a Team lead on projects which is great fun.

I’m very eager to learn new subject matters, I’m a team player and also a bit of a joker.

Charlotte Plaisant

Senior Research Associate

My absolute favorite thing is the opportunity to speak to medical professionals about their specialties. I love hearing people speak about their passion, and I get to learn so much about exciting new developments in medicine. Secondly, of course, the people.
I am FAST, which specifically comes in handy when it comes to consolidating and transcribing interviews. But my friends will tell you my real talent is putting people at ease; and making friends everywhere I go.

Kausalaya Thivakaran

Senior Research Associate
My favorite part of this job is being able to discuss with healthcare professionals about their experiences and understand what can be improved. I also get to learn about new medical technologies.

I have a calm and professional way of working, showing success in my results.

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The story behind SUAZIO

We’re a market research and consultancy company dedicated to life sciences markets. Since our foundation in 2000, we have been providing crucial marketing information and advice to businesses in life sciences and health care markets.

Our goal? Shaping the future of healthcare by means of providing useful data and much valued insights – and deploying this information to deliver strategic guidance to global medtech, healthtech, pharma, in-vitro-diagnostics and biotech firms.

We are convinced that all we have to offer is essential for successful product launches as well as post-launch tracking. 


The name ‘SUAZIO’ is inspired by the Latin substantive ‘suasio’, which means advice or recommendation. And that’s where we excel! 

SUAZIO was born on Christmas Day in 2000, by the desire to offer high quality services, grow a dynamic team, complete challenging projects in an interesting environment and – above all – have fun doing all of the above.

SUAZIO around the world
The future of healthcare is a global given. That’s why we are active in over 170 countries, with headquarters in Antwerp (BE), Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh (USA), Paris (FR), Zagreb (Croatia) and Bangalore (India).
SUAZIO is driven by 40+ experts with their own talents – and motivated by the needs of our 125+ customers. Together we already have over a thousand projects completed. And we’re still counting… 

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