What to expect

The market for health solutions is expanding rapidly. SUAZIO consulting offers tailored insight gathering approaches for industry, government, NGO, hospital and other healthcare organizations. From planning a pilot to in-depth user feedback on features and functions, we equip our clients with the insights necessary to power their solutions.

Each study seeks to identify the key professionals best suited to answer many of the industry’s burning questions. But what can you expect from us before, during and after the interviews? Today, we tell you all about it. Still having questions after reading this? Make sure to contact us: we’re happy to help.

1. Getting started and screening process

Everything starts and ends with you. So, of course, we get started by reaching out to you and inquiring about your availability. Naturally, we understand your busy schedule, which is why we always provide great flexibility in scheduling to our respondents globally.

Next up, is figuring out whether you are the right fit. As said before, we need to identify the key professionals that are a perfect fit for each and every case study. To make sure we’re questioning the right people, each study starts with a series of screening questions: these will determine whether you fit the parameters of the study.

Digital healthcare

Some questions may be easy to answer (such as your role, type of facility) whilst others may ask for a bit of thought (device or drug specifics, decision making influence).

2. Before the interview

Preparation is key, and this is no different when participating in one of our studies. These are the things that are nice to know before jumping in.

How the study will be conducted
Some studies may require you to be near a computer or tablet to view material. We will always inform you of how the research will be conducted (face-to-face, focus group, telephone, web survey).

The topic of the study

We will always inform you of the topic of the study. If you would like to know various subtopics of the study, we will provide you with some detail so you have a better understanding of what kinds of things will be part of the discussion.

Blind studies

In blind studies, we hide the details of the sponsor of the study from our respondents and the details of our respondents from the sponsor. This helps to ensure more candidness and less restraint in opinion, but also prevents the sponsor from making any direct contact because of any feedback. We provide you with a safe space to give your honest opinions.

3. During the interview

Things that are nice to know about how the interview will be conducted and your say in (not) answering the questions.

  • There are times when you may not have an answer. Let us know, and if you know who else may have an answer, that is helpful.
  • We do not wish to make you answer any question you feel is proprietary. You can always pass on a question.
  • Our discussions are programmed to take a certain amount of time, but some conversations may go beyond the expressed time limit. If the interview is taking longer than expected, we may interject to inform you of this to be most respectful of your time.

4. After the interview: the payment

Payment is handled after the close of the study, after all respondents have participated. We will provide you with specific information about your study to provide you with an estimated delivery window. If you have donated your remuneration to charity, we will notify you of this payment and will provide any “thank you” correspondence on your behalf.

Other questions about our way of work?

Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.