SUAZIO is a global market insights consultancy dedicated to the life science industry and rooted in research.

We use innovative approaches and proven market expertise to deliver bespoke insights and strategic guidance to global medtech, healthtech, pharma, in-vitro-diagnostics and biotech firms.

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Customer Framework ®

Understanding your customer and end-user is essential in current market environment. Short lines to your customers make your company sharper on reacting to market changes and will give you the competitive edge.

SUAZIO developed a start to end insight methodology to understand your customer journey and satisfaction levels with products and services offered. The platform will deliver you the insights you need to drive business decisions to better serve you customers and drive market share.

Product Framework ®

Launching a new product is an exciting and delicate road. It includes shaping your product towards customer needs, understanding correct value proposition and delivering it with flawless execution.

SUAZIO consulting is offering customized research methodologies to help you optimize your launch.
Our methodologies successfully supported product launches and post-launch tracking in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and health IT.

Patient Framework ®

As healthcare providers increasingly adopt the approach of personalized medicine or treatment plans, there is a far greater focus on the experiences of the patient, their journey through the condition and providing a holistic treatment experience beyond just diagnosis and medicines. Patients have become more empowered due to sources of information being more widely available. 

SUAZIO has extensive experience of exploring patients’ journeys, through observational research with diary studies for example: deep immersion ethnographic studies.

Digital Healthcare

Consumers, healthcare providers and medical suppliers are all embracing the power of technology to help improve overall health outcomes — by providing applications & devices that can track compliance, or connecting you with virtual doctors at the touch of a button. How far will technological advances take us? 

SUAZIO specializes in medical technology, and is well placed to understand what will drive innovation in this field, through concept testing research, prototype development and co-creative approaches to engaging stakeholders.

Market Access

‘What is the economic value your product is bringing to the market?’ Negotiations with non-clinical stakeholders are essential to ensure business success. Therefore you must understand the economic value proposition and the arguments to use to gain market access.

SUAZIO can support you in understanding the non-clinical stakeholder and payer audience. We are experts in economic value proposition and pricing research and can support you in building your value dossier.


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