Testimonial – Meet Christophe, our CEO

Christophe is the CEO and founder of SUAZIO. Over the past decades he has helped numerous global healthcare companies with their marketing challenges. SUAZIO’s approach to finding insights within data has led the company into a successful growth path in various global markets, resulting in a milestone of 1500 projects completed!

In this testimonial you can expect different answers to questions such as “What is SUAZIO’s recipe for success to get to project number 1500?”, “How has SUAZIO adapted to today’s market research needs?”, “How does Christophe explain the acceleration of number of projects & company growth?”, …

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Testimonial – Meet Crissy, in-house Global research capabilities

Please find the testimonial of Crissy Perrera, manager of our global research center. SUAZIO operates with an internal research center with trained researchers, who recruit and interview health care professionals. Based out of Antwerp, Belgium, this is an 24 hour operations with staff from 20+ nationalities.  Crissy tells about our global research capabilities, the advantages

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