Working towards a better understanding of the needs and challenges of cardiologists

The question

Our client, an established medical device company in cardiology, wanted to strengthen the relationship with the cardiology department in order to become a partner instead of being ‘just’ a product provider. Therefore, our client wanted to improve their understanding of the challenges, drivers and unmet needs of their cardiology clinical directors, heads of cardiology departments and C-suites. 

The end goal

The goal of our research was to find a common touchpoint between the different divisions, in order to develop an integrated program that goes beyond price and product – but helps positioning our client as a valuable, trusted and knowledgeable partner in the hospital. 

Our approach

Our research was based on qualitative interviews with C-level executives, service-line administrators and administrative physicians. Our questionnaire centred around in-depth questions about the day-to-day life of cardiologists and their department.

  • What are your priorities and biggest challenges to overcome in order to accomplish them?
  • How are you and your department performing
  • What’s going great and what can be done better?
  • What kind of partner you’d consider taking up and what should that partner precisely have to do to be considered an added value to your department?
  • Are you missing any items or products that could help?

By asking these and many other questions, we learned about the key priorities that are living in these departments – as well as learning about how to gain credibility in order to become a partner, and about how to overcome potential barriers to do so. 

Customer insights

Our outcomes

We distilled our research into three key takeaways

  • Insights in the current workload, perception and goals of the cardiology departments.
  • Understandings of the key priorities and the potential fit for a new offering.
  • Design and concept development of potential new service offerings

How they will help the customer 

Our outcomes will help the client in three different ways that all respond to the same sore spot: the fact that clinical cardiologists often are required to lead their department, without having had any management training. Our insights will:

  • … help them better their management skills;
  • … answer to their need of better resource planning;
  • …. help with training of the staff: they are the face of the department, so they need to be trained impeccably. 

Want to know more about our customer insights methodology?

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