Customer Insights 

The importance of understanding your customer’s voice 

As a medtech device or IVD manufacturer, you want to provide the customer with good ‘tools’ to overcome their unmet needs. In order to do this, it’s of the utmost importance you understand the customer – which means: listening to them and taking their voice into account. 

We firmly believe that, if you work hard on increasing your knowledge on the customer, it will help you tailor your offering and give you the competitive edge you need.

A start to end insight methodology to help you along

By using the SUAZIO methodology, you’ll learn to understand your customer journey. At the end of this road, you’ll have gathered the following insights. These insights center on self-performance as well as on patient outcome.  

Customer insights

  • You’ll understand the current priorities and unmet needs;
  • You’ll understand the current performance and how to improve;
  • You’ll get much-needed insights into what the customer does(n’t) find important;
  • You’ll learn how patients are being treated currently, what technology is being used and what the satisfaction levels of those current technologies are.
By using these insights, manufacturers will discover which areas to improve, how to provide better products and even create better partnerships.

Want to know more about our customer insights methodology?

Make sure to contact us: we’re more than happy to tell you all about it – and help you to take solid business decisions, serve your customers better and drive market share. Talk to you soon?