Product Value Drivers

Shaping your product towards the customer’s needs

When you want to launch your product, you need to be aware it has to answer to your customer’s needs or the customer value drivers. Products in medtech or IVD generally have a lot of features. But different segments of customers might prefer different features. 

In order to market your product flawlessly, it is important to understand the customer’s needs on a product level. Only then you’ll know who needs basic device configurations – and who acquires a high-end product with all features possible, for example.

Our qualitative and quantitative methodologies will help you reach understanding

Our conducted research will help you understand the standard of care (meaning: the way patients are treated and technologies are utilized), as well as the importance of (not) including different features.


By combining these two understandings, we offer the client quite some insights to work with:

  • What are the product value drivers (meaning: what features drive value or are important);
  • How could the optimal product configuration look like;
  • How to tailor different product configurations to different customers;
  • Recommendations on product improvements or competitive positioning. 
Product value drivers

By making use of these customized research methodologies we’ll not only optimize your launch, but we’ll also provide the insights needed for post-launch tracking.


Want to know more about your product value drivers?

Well, if you let us know, we’re more than happy to provide you with all the information you’re looking for. With our help, you’ll get to shape your product towards customer’s needs as well as understand the correct value proposition in order to deliver flawless execution. Talk to you soon?