Understanding the current standard of care for breast cancer patients

Our client contacted us in order to execute an extensive breast health market assessment. For this project we focused on the three main topics: screening, biopsies and breast surgery. We needed to find out the total market size of those procedures as well as map out the patient flow. Interesting to know: this research was the qualitative part, and hereby part one, of a larger study. 

The question

The client asked us to help them better understand the market for screening, biopsies and breast surgery and the related procedures in the current patient flow. 

In order to get this done, we focused on the following topics: market sizing, patient flow, key purchasing criteria and general trends (consolidation, technology) in the market. 

For this research we mainly focused on the perspective of the treating physicians.

Customer insights

The end goal

In order to move on to the second part of this study, the quantitative part, we needed to know what the current standard of care is. And to be able to do that, we needed to figure out how many procedures are being performed and how they are perceived by physicians as well as patients. 

This information was crucial for our client in order to find out whether they need to change up their strategy: is there a certain need they’re missing and not answering to? Are they focussing on the right procedures? Are they missing some crucial information?

Our approach

For this study, we conducted 45 minute interviews with 55 physicians in Europe and the UK. We focused on three profiles: radiologists, breast surgeons and radiation oncologists. By talking to them, we got an idea about the extent of the market and could get started mapping this out in a qualitative manner. 

And in order to do this, it was critical to ask the right questions and hereby get all the information needed to continue on to the next phase.

Some of the questions we asked:

  • which type of screening is executed the most?
  • what is the average number of screenings executed?
  • what are the brands that are used the most?
  • how many surgeries take place per month and per department?
  • how many patients are treated monthly?
  • which modalities are used more in screenings?
  • what are the biggest challenges for a radiologist? 
  • how is the satisfaction rate amongst radiologists?
  • which types of equipment are used the most?
  • how many breast biopsies are performed monthly?
  • what does the decision making process concerning procedure and equipment look like? 

The results

As a result, we were able to provide our client with very extensive insights that should answer every question they could have about the current standard of care for breast cancer patients. These insights are now serving as a guideline to base the quantitative part of the study on, which will allow our client to make well-informed decisions and changes concerning their overall strategy and approach.

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